Our new show - Find The Lady!

Our new show - Find The Lady!

Meet Mrs C Shaw: seaside pub landlady extraordinaire.

C stands for Cynthia: Cyn to her regulars. Cyn brings the fun! And you’ll always find a warm welcome in the muscular embrace of The Stranger’s Arms – where a young woman almost certainly didn’t go missing Thursday night. There’s nothing to see here! After all: nothing happens here without Cyn’s say-so. Just keep drinking! But if the police want a word – co-operate, ok?

Fireraisers new show, working title Find The Lady, uses end-of-the-pier games and tricks to explore the dark side of the seaside and question who feels welcome in nightlife spaces. This playful one-woman whydunit immerses its audience in the seamy underside of pub and club culture. Punters are invited to help Cyn solve the mystery, tear the police tape off her taps and get the party restarted. Along the way, we’ll ask: what would it take for EVERYONE to have a good night out? Can we make it happen, together?

Fireraisers AD Pol Wiseman has been working with acclaimed director Sarah-Louise Young on a new show for unconventional spaces in Sussex, supported by Arts Council England. Suitable for pubs, clubs, cabaret bars – or any unused space seating 30+ - it’s a versatile, self-contained show that stays true to Fireraisers’s remit: to make ‘extraordinary theatre in unexpected places’.

In making the show, we’re interested in memories of Sussex pubs and clubs through the decades. Have YOU got a story to tell us? We’d love to hear it! Email [email protected] , with the heading Find The Lady

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Pol Wiseman May 2022